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Assisted Living

For the Extra Little Bits of Help

Living at home in our latter years can be detrimental to some. Many elders today live in small apartments with little to no social engagement. This could be detrimental to their mental health needs.

Maple Heights offers a wonderful Assisted Living Community to help keep our elders safe and continue to enrich their lives. Enjoy private, made to order, dining, social activities with friends, outings & more!

Assisted Living is for those elders who just need a little extra help, such as:

  • Medication monitoring

  • Bathing

  • Laundry & Meal Preparation Services

  • Physical Condition Monitoring for safety and wellbeing

If at any time you or your loved one decides that more help is needed therapy services may be provided to regain strength or you may choose to transition from Assisted Living to Long-Term Nursing Care.

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